MERU MBEGA LODGE is the ideal base for climbing the Kilimanjaro and the Mount Meru. Our Lodge is situated half way from Kilimanjaro Airport and Arusha town, a practical starting point for a safari in the northern part of the country. We also organise walks in the surroundings guided by our Masai guide or cultural excursions with visits to the authentic villages and markets of the region. For those interested (professionally) in the local agriculture, a combined agro/safari program has been set up. The Meru Mbega Lodge on the slopes of the Mount Meru just on the edge of the Arusha National Park.

Meru Mbega Lodge gives our clients the possibility to take a rest after a long flight from overseas, to enjoy nature and silence, and of course an excellent dinner at night time, before starting an impressive safari or trekking.


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