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The chairman of TTB's Board of Directors, Judge (Rtd) thomas Mihayo is showing a flash disk that contain the film which will be distributed to upcountry buses.

The director of Tanzania Tourist Board, Ms. Devota Mdachi and the member of TABOA are watching the film soon after Inauguration

In the country’s endeavors to promote its unique tourist destination to the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) has pothered with the Tanzania Bus owner Association. (TABOA) to show tourism promotional films in upcountry passenger buses.

Speaking during the handing over of film at Ubungo Bus Terminal in Dar es slaam yesterday, the Chairman of TTB Board of Director, Retired judge Thomas Mihayo, Said the transport and tourism sector were inseparable.

“Tourism is all about travelling. A factor which has called for a partnership with up country buses to promote our attraction, because it’s a means of transport used most by tourist. This is indeed breakthrough,” Said Retired Judge Mihayo.

He observe that some scene in films usually shown in upcountry buses laced morals, considering that the buses were used by people of different age groups. It is anticipated that the films on tourism would act as remedy for such a situation.

The chairman of TABOA who also owns Hood Buses, Mohammed Hood, Said that selecting the means of transport was a good idea, as their vehicle travelled to all corners of the country.
“On every single day about 300 buses caring around 26000 passengers travel upcountry besides those based in other regions. Therefore, it is best to carry out the promotion,” Said, Hood.

He called upon drivers traveling to region that are rich in attraction to stop for a while and explain a bit on the kind attraction found in the area.

He, however, pledged to effectively carry and all its riches to people of other nationalities using the buses.

TTB managing Director Devota Mdachi pointed out that currently the focus was to promote tourism locally for passengers travelling in the region, especially students so that they could learn of the country’s resources.

“This is the reason we have given the film the name “Utalii wa ndani uanze na mtanzania mwenyewe,” Literally meaning that tourism should begin with
Tanzanians” themselves……we want our people to be able to know the good tourist attraction available in their country, resource Mdachi said.”

She further pointed out that the campaign would involve rolling out segments of the film in bus stations and other areas with big crowds along with other means of transport, including boats traveling to Zanzibar and during international flights.

  • some of the  Participant of the event watching the film in the bus

    some of the Participant of the event watching the film in the bus

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