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The WMA is located in Serengeti district. It borders Serengeti National Park in Robanda village in South and South-east. On the South and South-west, the WMA borders the Grumeti Game Reserve. On the East and North-east, it borders with the Ikorongo Game Reserve, and on the West, it borders with the Sasakwa concession area.


The WMA is accessible by air through Fort Ikoma airstrip (about 8 Km) and Mugumu (20 Km) which are closest airstrips from the WMA. Furthermore, the WMA is about 270 Km from Arusha airport, which is the main entry and exit point of tourists. The WMA is also bisected by the Ngorongoro- Seronera to Mugumu road, which passes through Robanda village. Within the WMA, there is a good road networked across which is used for photographic safari and tourism within the WMA.


The WMA is composed of woody, sparsely vegetation consisting of shrubs, grasses, and herbs. The most common large mammals found in the area includes elephants, lions, buffaloes, giraffe, hartebeest, waterbuck, wildebeest, warthog, leopard, topi, Roan antelope, lesser and greater Kudu, klipspringer, zebra, hippopotamus, white and black colobus monkey and crocodiles.

Being surrounded by the Protected area at National Park level (Serengeti) and the two game reserves (Ikorongo and Grumeti) makes the entire WMA very rich in wildlife as these natural surroundings are protected areas abundant in wildlife species and wild animals as they move freely within this part of the ecosystem. The WMA is rich in species and all species found in the adjacent protected areas such as Serengeti National park are mostly found in IKONA. This is to say that Wildlife attractions in this WMA are similar to those in Serengeti National Park.

The Great wildebeest migration concentrates at Ikona WMA between May and June, the time in which tens of thousands of wildebeest cross the Ikona WMA on their way to Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya.


  • Photographic safaris; Ikona WMA is the most populated wildlife WMA, offering the best environment for photographic safari. You will never miss the spectacle of predator versus prey on these wonderlands, whether you have opted the daytime or a thrilling night game drive, or exploring the land on foot famously known as guided walking safaris. Photographic safari is the dominant activity in the area.
  • Cultural tourism activities; the five villages forming Ikona WMA are predominant Kurya, one of the greatest and famous Tribes in Tanzania, which has successfully preserved its original traditions and culture. The WMA has successfully interacted these traditions and culture in their packages by establishing traditional dance and performing groups.
  • Be entertained by Chapakazi Cultural Group;one of the outstandingtraditional dance and performing group specialized in entertaining visitors through cultural dance. Visitors can book the performance directly from the WMA or by requesting the service from the lodges within the WMA.

Investment Opportunities

Ikona WMA is currently looking for a potential investor to invest in the Ikona visitor’s center. An international standard visitor’s center with a capacity of serving 300 tourists at a time was developed under the support of USAID, however the WMA has not been able to source an investor who can manage and provide services at the center. More descriptions of the visitor’s center are as follows:

Project No.1: Management of Ikona Community Visitor Centre

Investment type Visitor Centre.
Type of investment required Management of a Campsite Area at the Community Visitor Centre.
Key characteristics of the Centre
  • Through the support of USAID – Cash for Work Project, a community visitor center with a capacity to handle about 300 visitors at a time was developed to cater for tourists visiting Ikona WMA.
  • The visitor center incorporates visitor services such as crafts shops, restaurants, exhibition/briefing hall, kitchen, toilets, and area for camping etc. However, since its establishment, this center has never operated to the required standards.
  • The site is located at the prime area, near the Serengeti Fort Ikoma gate, and at the WMA main gate.
  • Close to the fort Ikoma airstrip.
  • Close to the wildebeest migration route.
  • Along the main road which leads to all lodge facilities in the WMA.
  • Owned by the WMA association 100% and is ready for immediate investment.

Ikona WMA is currently looking for a potential investor to manage the Campsite at the Visitor Centre.

Planned Start Date


Responsible Promoter(s)

Authorized Association Consortium (AAC),
P.O. Box 13685,
Mikoroshoni Street, Msasani, Dar es Salaam. Tanzania.
Tel: +255 22 2668615
Tel: +255 788 389 039
Fax: +255 22 2668609
Web: http://www.twma.co.tz

Investment Procedures to Follow

(i) The applicant must own a registered company (whether local or foreign) with office premises.
(ii) The applicant must have developed Memorandum of Articles of Associations of the company with CVs of Directors/prominent leaders of the company.
(iii) The applicant must have a Business Plan detailing previous or on-going company’s businesses implementation and plans.
(iv) The applicant must have a proposal for conducting tourism activities in WMA·
(v) The applicant is allowed to visit the WMA, see the specific site for investment and meet leaders of respective WMAs to express ones intention to invest.

(vi) The applicant must apply for investment in the area by following laws and regulations of the United Republic of Tanzania: The applicant should also go through Wildlife Conservation Act, (2009), WMA Regulations of 2012, Non consumptive tourism Regulations of 2016 and Tourism Act of 2008 to get further le

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