Horse and Camel Riding

Horse and Camel Riding

Horse and Camel rides safaris are a specialized product aimed at experienced riders, with the average safari being at least a week in duration. If you are a competent rider, there are few better ways to experience Africa's beauty and wilderness than getting on a horse and heading out into the wilderness.

If you are a rider going on safari in Africa, among a few better ways to experience Africa’s bush and scenic places is on a galloping horse out into the wilderness or through the lush vegetation of Africa.
Horse and Camel ride safaris are specialized products aimed to animal ride lovers, with an average safari being at least a week in duration to half day basis depending with visitors’ interests and time
Horse and camel rides are available from a few camps and centres in Tanzania, for all standards of riders the experience is rewarding as it allows visitors to approach the wildlife much more closely than usual. The best part about these adventures is that game animals are not afraid of Horses and camels in the same way they are of cars or pedestrians. There are a few superb areas for horse riding in Tanzania.
In the Northern circuit, Manyara Ranch Conservancy is a private concession that lies between Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks where Horse rides is professionally organized. Everything about Manyara ranch is a treat for the senses bordering on magical setting. From the huge wildlife families of elephant, wildebeest, zebra, Lesser Kudu, Impala, Grant and Thomson Gazelle, dikdik, Ostriches, jackals, hyena, leopard, lion, cheetah, eland, giraffe, waterbuck and several birds species (an unbelievable collection of birds - especially brightly coloured love birds) wandering in the 44,000-acre piece of land.
The abundance of animals, the Maasai warriors wandering around to protect visitors and cattle from the wild animals, is a bush experience that is more authentic. The Horse ride is complimented by the sundowner drinks in a different magical place each evening creates unforgettable memories for visitors. The best times to visit the ranch for Horse riding are between June and February although Horses are stalled at the ranch all year round.

Horse riding is now conducted in a number of National Parks; in Arusha National Park, visitors explore the slopes of Mount Meru with lush mountain forests and sweeping views of the surrounding scenic places on a Horse back. Horse riding in Arusha National Park offers visitors a full benefit of the knowledge of the wildlife, bird life, forestry, waterfalls and many more. Following game trails stimulates visitors as one gets closer and interacts with the wildlife and then learns much more about it.
Specialized on Camel riding; Mkuru Camel safaris are among the most fascinating adventures in Northern Tanzania. The Camel Safaris are organized from the camel camp located in Mkuru Maasai village; from a few hours to a week long expedition to Oldoinyo Lengai, Ngorongoro highland and Lake Natron. A trip on a camel back through the Maasai land is magical, visitors get a great chance to experience wildlife, Maasai people ‘day to day life’ and the beautiful scenery
Horse and camel riding adventures are also organized within and around West Kilimanjaro, Usa River, Meserani Snake Park and Lake Natron area.
In Dar-es- salaam there is a “Horse club” which offer horse riding activities south of the city along the Indian Ocean. With horse club visitors will enjoy low tide rides along the shoreline for fresh air under the moonlight alone or with friends.


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