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Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO)

Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) represents over 256 tour operators from both Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. TATO aims at providing a complete and comprehensive position for the tour industry in its relations with the Government and its institutions in matters pertaining to the formulation of tourism policy, plans and programmes. TATO is also responsible for maintaining high quality and standards amongst its members.

Head OfficeArusha
Phone / Mobile +255 27 2504188
Fax +255 27 250 6430
AddressesP. O Box 6162, Arusha, Tanzania.
Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (ZATI)

It is a non-governmental, non-religious, and non-political organization. This association has been established to represent the interest of all Tourism investors in Zanzibar. The aim is to ensure a sustainable and professional Tourism industry of the highest standard through working with the government institutions. The Association is very important in creating and implementing the ‘Public and Private Sector Partnership’ in order to succeed in the common goal of having Zanzibar as a favorable tourist destination.

Head OfficeMjini Magharibi Unguja
Phone / Mobile +255 (0) 772 823234
Fax +255 (0) 772 823234
AddressesP. O Box 2578, Zanzibar, Tanzania.
Hotels Association of Tanzania (HAT)

Hotels Association of Tanzania (HAT) is concerned with contributing to the sound development of the hotel industry and tourism in general through improving the quality of services rendered to tourists and travelers, uplifting hotel profitability and cooperating with the relevant stakeholders in resolving issues of mutual interest. HAT is a member of TCT (Tourism Confederation of Tanzania) and ATTA (Advancing Tourism To Africa)

Head OfficeDar es Salaam
Phone / Mobile +255 788 558 444942
Fax +255 73 721 2237
AddressesPlot No. 1124 Chole Road, Masaki P. O Box 23089, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Tanzania Association of Cultural Tourism Organizers (TACTO)

It is an independent, legally constituted, non-government organization with its registered office in Arusha, Tanzania. The association fosters working relationships with any or all organizations or group of persons dealing with cultural tourism or similar activities in Tanzania or elsewhere. It aims at empowering the productive poor to transform the lives of their families through the development of sustainable micro-enterprises through developing cultural tourism products for sale to tourists.

Head OfficeArusha
Phone / Mobile +255 22 2163906/22 2163914-6
Fax + 255 737 200 913
AddressesP.O Box 10455, Mianzinai 4th Floor Kwa Molel Towers, Arusha, Tanzania.
Tourism Confederation of Tanzania (TCT)

The Tourism Confederation of Tanzania (TCT) It is an umbrella organization representing the private business sectors involved in travel and tourism. TCT works to ensure that through representation at the national level, appropriate macro policies and strategies are adopted for developing and maintaining an environment in which international and domestic tourism will prosper and the business sector will be able to achieve successful growth and development while protecting Tanzania’s natural and cultural heritage.

Head OfficeArusha
Phone / Mobile +255 22 2136177 / +255 712 889 281
Fax +255 22 2136 188
AddressesP. O Box 13837, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Tanzania Tour Guides Association (TTGA)

Promotes, encourages and protects the interests of Tanzania tour guides in the business of tourism. It ensures and endorses the highest standards, ethics and professionalism among tour guides while promoting and enhancing the tourism Industry in Tanzania.

Head OfficeDar es Salaam
Phone / Mobile +255 713 338 411
Fax 255 713 338 411
AddressesP. O Box 15272, Arusha, Tanzania.
Tanzania Professional Hunters Association (TPHA)

It stands to maintain very high standards of professionalism, ethics and sound conservation practices in the hunting industry (professional hunters).

Head OfficeDar es Salaam
Phone / Mobile +255 784 333 006
Fax .+255 784 333 006
AddressesP. O Box 3483, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Tanzania Hunting Operators Association (THOA)

It represents the interests of all hunting operators in Tanzania, through working closely with the Government to ensure a sustainable hunting industry with the highest ethics and standards.

Head OfficeDar es Salaam
Phone / Mobile +255 754 399777
Fax +255 754 399777
AddressesP. O Box 33407, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Intra-African Travel and Tourism Association (IATTA)

Intra-African Travel and Tourism Association (IATTA) focuses towards a stronger and well equipped association of travel and tourism. It is an association which is broadly based on its inclusion of art, culture and heritage, all of which are collectively integrated in the mainstream of the travel and tourism trade. IATTA has visionary objectives and goals directed to promoting, among other things, domestic tourism as a sustainable pathway leading to poverty alleviation.

Head OfficeDar es Salaam
Phone / Mobile +255 754 368 677
Fax +255 22 2124 263
AddressesP. O Box 6541, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Tanzania Air Operators Association (TAOA)

Tanzania Air Operators Association (TAOA) was registered in 2001 as a platform for positive dialogue between licensed air operators and other stakeholders in the aviation industry and the air transport sector. It is recognized by Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority and has approximately 30 members.

Head OfficeDar es Salaam
Phone / Mobile +255 713 320812
Fax +255 754 334 072
AddressesP. O Box 6811, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Tanzania Society of Travel Agents (TASOTA)

Tanzania Society of Travel Agents (TASOTA) was established to encourage, promote and protect interests of member travel agents in the country; to maintain a code of conduct and code of ethics within the industry; to enhance cordial relations with associations in neighboring countries; to promote travel into and out of Tanzania as well as to promote the highest standards of professionalism amongst travel agents.

Head OfficeDar es Salaam
Phone / Mobile +255 784 325 849
Fax +255 2115381, +255 2112786
AddressesP. O Box 21338, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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