Mikindani Bay Marine Reserve

Mikindani Bay Marine Reserve

Mikindani is a fascinating old town with winding streets and an exciting blend of African, Arabic and European architecture. The arms of the bay mouth contain old houses with doors which are carved like those of Zanzibar looking doors. Mikindani is a large, well-protected harbor close to the Mozambique border. It is a fascinating old town with remarkable accommodation at Old Boma Hotel.

Mikindani Bay is located along the coastal and within the gentle hills. It is about 10 kilometers away from Mtwara town in the southern part of Tanzania.

By mostly dirt road Mikindani is about 400 km from Dar es Salaam, via Kilwa and Lindi. This drive time takes 12-24 hours but during rainy season this time may increase. Private vehicle may take 12 hours and an overnight stop at Kilwa Masoko is recommended. Mtwara city lies just 6 miles to the south of Mikindani and it has its own small airport and port.

A weekly ferry service from Dar es Salaam departs the city on Wednesdays and arrives in Mtwara on Thursdays. The return route departs Mtwara Thursdays and arrives Dar es Salaam Fridays.

There is a regular one hour flight routes between Dar es Salaam /Mtwara /Dar es Salaam cities.

Rainfall: There are mainly two rain seasons at Mikindani coast that appears between March and May and October and December. Rainfall is well distributed throughout the year here but the peak is the one between March and May.

Hendricks Family, The Hendricks families are the most famous of the Makonde carvers who still lives in Mtwara area. You can visit their carving workshop in Ziwani village just outside of Mtwara town.

- A number of historical buildings
- Visit the Mikindani town the oldest settlements in Tanzania.
- Visit Dr. Livingstone house where lived when he landed in Mikindani during his final trip into Africa. This house still has a small sign on it.
- There are big ancient mosque, Old Boma, and an old German colonial building. This building is currently transformed into a top-end hotel, but still worth to have a look inside.

Coastal beaches attractions
- Mikindani dhow trip activities
- Walking tours
- Fish and spice and market
- Boat Safaris and spot fishing
- Diving activities

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