Mbomipa WMA Opportunities

Mbomipa WMA is located in Idodi and Pawaga Divisions of Iringa District- Iringa Region. The southern boundary of Ruaha National Park forms the northern boundary of the WMA, to the west it is bordered by the Iringa-Mbeya boundary

Ipole WMA Opportunities

The Ipole wildlife management area has identified the following investment opportunities

Ikona WMA Opportunities

Ikona WMA is currently looking for a potential investor to invest in the Ikona visitor’s center. An international standard visitor’s center with a capacity of serving 300 tourists at a time was developed under the support of USAID, however the WMA has not been able to source an investor who can manage and provide services at the center

Randileni WMA Opportunities

Randileni has two open sites within WMA for photographic safari investments. They are commonly known as the sunset site and korongo la Dume site.

Enduimet WMA Opportunities

Enduimet WMA is open for interested investors who wish to invest in this potential tourism site and currently has set aside three photographic investment areas which are open for permanent structured lodges and tented lodges.

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