The Moivaro Group offers holiday accommodations in East Africa. The company has three main objectives in all it’s undertakings:

* To give guests an exceptional Africa experience with good value for money.
* To create intercultural exchange and understanding through the hospitality industry in Africa.
* To contribute to better lives in Africa by providing ten thousand jobs with a spin-off to the wider community.

All Moivaro properties are renowned for their strategic locations at or nearby places of interest for tourists in Africa, mostly set in a natural environment. For example nearby national parks, beaches or so called ‘transit cities’. The properties can be divided in three categories: urban and suburban lodges, Bush lodges and tented camps, and beach resorts.

The accommodations differ in size, type, luxury-range and atmosphere, but they are the same in the sense that they always try to provide a ‘local African experience’. The aim is to emphasise the local culture, habits and surroundings by the setting, construction and operation of the lodges. As much as possible local products are used for constructing, cooking and decoration, and local staff is employed.

All Moivaro properties include a restaurant and bar service, and offer a varied range of activities that can be booked in advance, or at the lodge itself.


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