We are best described by our name, Mbali Mbali - a Swahili phrase meaning “Far Far Away”
Mbali Mbali is a collection of five stunning lodges in one of Africa’s ultimate natural treasures; Tanzania. Each location has been carefully selected for their unique experiences, across incredibly diverse ecological areas, taking you on a trail less travelled to some of Tanzania’s most untouched and unique National Parks.

Dare to go Far Far Away and you will find Gombe Stream National Park – walk in the footsteps of the pioneering British primatologist, Jane Goodall, in search of descendants of her favourite chimps – Frodo, Merlin and David Greybeard.

Continue south on Lake Tanganyika to the most magical of places, Mahale National Park. Observe the magnificent chimpanzees, spend blissful afternoons on our private beach and finish the day by the campfire with the Milky Way gazing down.

Venture east from Mahale and discover Katavi, an unspoilt and remote National Park. Experience the ultimate authentic safari, get close to the densest herds of hippos and crocodiles in Tanzania, or simply revel in the large diversity of bird life in this vast area.

Northern Tanzania’s hidden gem, with ancient baobabs and elephant herds up to 300 strong, Tarangire National Park is the perfect start to your journey north.

Go west, around the crater and journey into the Serengeti to experience the vastness of the open savannah and the theatre of nature’s dramatic migration.


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