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Forty-five coconut palms, four wild fig trees and a few thorny sand dunes – that was all that was found here in the summer of 1991. Construction started on 6 February 1992 and after a lot of “blood, sweat and tears” Travellers Lodge opened its doors on 15 August 1993. Being one of the first lodges in Bagamoyo was a humble beginning with only four simple rooms to accommodate guests.

Year after year, the lodge grew, the gardens matured and everything was planned and built accordingly with inspiration and design – using local materials, labour and love. Guests come back time and time again and many return specifically to enjoy the property’s unique and extensive grounds which can claim over 130 different varieties of palm tree alone!

Over the years, Travellers has continued to advance and adapt to the needs and desires of the clients of today, but some things here will always remain the same: The easy, friendly and peaceful atmosphere that people from all over the world have cherished for years.


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