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A group of 310 tourists from Australia did visit destination Tanzania. During their three days visit in Serengeti National Park, they expressed their appreciation after their experience in the park. The tourists have testified that Serengeti is a world class tourist attraction they have ever experienced.
While in Serengeti the tourists were happy to see a variety of wildlife species including the big five, namely Elephant, Buffalo, Lion Leopard and Rhino. In addition, they were comfortable with the world class accommodation facilities and services offered inside the park.  The tourists from Australia who flew into Tanzania with a chartered Boeing 747 400, most of them showed interest to visit Destination Tanzania again
This is the first time for Serengeti National Park to host such a big group of visitors from Australia   and certainly is an indication that the Australian market is now growing rapidly
According to Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism’s 2016 statistics bulletin indicates that more   than 20,000 tourists from Australia have been visiting Tanzania annually.

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