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Tanzania Tourist Board wishes to welcome everyone from all over the world to come to Tanzania and witness the solar eclipse which according to astronomy experts Tanzania in particular Rujewa Area in Mbeya region located in Southern Highlands of Tanzania will be the best site for viewing this fascinating event where the sun’s disk will change to a ring.
This major astronomical event will occur on September 1 this year from 10:17am to 1:56pm, centered over Tanzania and is expected to attract eclipse chasers from around the world and across the country.
People in Tanzania will witness first-hand the sun go evening-dim at midday as more than 90% of the sun will be covered by the moon in a partial solar eclipse leaving the sun as a thin crescent. The annual eclipse will be seen as a thin bright ring on that day for hundreds of thousands of people living within a 100 kilometre band crossing Southern Tanzania from Congo into Katavi, Mbeya, Ruvuma, to Masasi and out to Mozambique. Experts say that the next eclipse in Tanzania is expected to occur after 15 years. So this is a great opportunity that one shouldn’t miss.

Tourists who want to journey out to witness solar eclipse from anywhere will have to get to Mbeya or Njombe region. Easy and quick transport can be through air, Bus and Train. Both Mbeya and Njombe (Wanging’ombe area) solar eclipse will be visible to all visitors as it is within the radius of 100kms.

Accommodation areas are available for visitors of different categories in Njombe and Mbeya regions. To allow you also enjoy other attractions within the areas, it is advised that visitors arrive at least a day or two before or stay for a day or two after the event. While in Mbeya you may have opportunity to visit Kiwira Natural Bridge, Mbeya peak, and Mbozi Meteorite just about 65 kms in Songwe region.

During the eclipse you are required to have eye protection, for safe view. Do not attempt to observe the partial or annual eclipse with naked eye; as this may permanently damage your eyes or result in blindness. The Eclipse is expected to begin at 10:01am to 01:45pm.

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