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By: Bernard Lugongo, Daily News

Tanzania Has continued to prove the world that it is a safe tourist destination with latest arrival of over 50 tourists from Eastern Europe.

The country on Saturday (January 2,2021) receive a total of 57 tourists most of them being first time visitors from Russia and Ukraine. The group of tourists landed at the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) after spending some days in Zanzibar.

According to Tanzania Tourists Board (TTB)’S Marketing Officer for Northern zone, Mr. Francis Malugu, the arrival of tourist from Eastern Europe is an important development to the country’s tourism sector, because in the past Tanzania was not in the EU region.

“ Due to the effort by the government and private sector to exploit tourist market in countries that we were not doing well previously, the efforts have started paying off now, attracting visitors from Eastern Europe” Mr. Malugu said
He further cited a recent move by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) to endorse the country to use its Safe Travel Stamp as another factor that contributed to pulling visitors from the market.

It was in August last year when WTTC awarded its stamp to Tanzania after being satisfied that the country was safe and read to receive tourists from all over the world. The award was issued at a time when other countries were still enforcing travel restrictions due to Covid- 19.

The WTTC issued the stamp to allow travellers to identify destination and business around the world that have adopted the global standard health and hygiene protocols.

In March last year, Tanzania won an award for the “ Best Destination to the world” in the category of Exotic Destination 2019 at the Russian National Geographical Travel Awards.

Tanzania won award after online voting conducted by Russian version of National Geographical magazine that involve 263,000 online readers.

The achievement was a result of efforts made by the government of Tanzania through its embassy in Russia.

Mr. Malugu told Sunday News that the group of tourists, which arrived on Saturday using a chartered flight, will spend four days visiting Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Crater.

One of the tourist told journalists immediately after arriving at KIA that Tanzania is unique and blessed with a lot of tourist adventures.

“I am eager to see animals like lions. I think it is going to be a fascinating and exciting moment that II will never forget,” she said.

Before this group, the country had also received a total of 59 tourists last week from Eastern Europe using a chartered flight plane.

According to Mr. Malugu, There were direct flights from Moscow to Zanzibar in an month, noting that one of the chartered plane to bring in total of 620 tourists between September last to January this year.


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