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Na. Edmund Salaho / TANAPA

Tanzania National Parks Agency TANAPA, in partnership with Dorobo Safari Company today launched a new cycling tour of Mount Meru where more than 20 tourists climb the mountain which is the second-highest in Tanzania.

Launching the crop at the Arusha National Park, Assistant Conservation Commissioner Albert Mziray who is also the head of the Arusha National Park said the tourists would use the bicycle to climb to the top of Mount Meru 4566 meters above sea level.

“This crop is going to be linked to other tourism products available in this Arusha National Park, and our hope is to continue to attract more visitors to increase GDP and contribute to the development of conservation and tourism activities” said Commissioner Mziray.

For his part, Thad Peterson who is the director of Dorobo Safari Tourism Company partnering with Tanzania National Parks Agency (TANAPA) in making this exercise a success has commended TANAPA for its efforts to design new tourism products to attract more local and foreign tourists. visiting the attractions of our country.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony at Arusha National Park, Senior Conservation Officer Catherine Mbena in charge of Communications noted

“We are considering the environment and the products that can be made in that environment.
The cycling activity is located in Mount Kilimanjaro National Park and today we have launched in Arusha National Park.

Our role is to ensure that every tourist visiting the National Parks is satisfied with our services. and we are committed to ensuring that we fulfill the government’s mandate to reach 5 million tourists by 2025 by continuing to be creative. ”

And the Assistant Commissioner for Conservation Dr. Bakari Mnaya, who oversees Conservation and Business Development activities in the Northern Region, has identified the presence of Mount Meru, Forest, and beautiful landscapes in the Arusha National Park as a catalyst for this type of cycling tour.

In addition, Commissioner Mnaya has appealed to local and foreign visitors to come out in large numbers to do this type of tourism which today has been launched in the Arusha National Park as it has many health benefits.

“Although it is fun, it is also a way to build a body, exercise and stay healthy,” said Commissioner Mnaya.

Cycling tourism has been taking place in the Arusha National Park in the lowlands, and now cycling tourism has now been added.

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