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Tanzania Appoints Three U.S. ‘Goodwill Ambassadors of Tourism’

Tanzania Appoints Three U.S. 'Goodwill Ambassadors of Tourism' Recognizing Extraordinary Efforts To Promote Destination Tanzania, Patrick Steenberge, President, Global Football: Macon Dunnagan, Kilimanjaro Expedition Director, and Dr. Philip Imler, President, Seven Natural Wonders

(Dar es Salaam, Tanzania—May 6, 2013) Tanzania’s Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Honorable Ambassador Khamis S. Kagasheki, MP, announced the appointment of three Goodwill Ambassadors to promote tourism to Tanzania in the United States, Patrick Steenberge, President, Global Football; Macon Dunnagan, Kilimanjaro Expedition Director; and Dr. Philip Imler, Founder and President, Seven Natural Wonders.

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