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THE government said the Expo Dubai 2020 has helped Tanzania to clarify to the globe on geographical location of Kilimanjaro Mountain, Serengeti National Park, and the origin of Tanzanite minerals.

Natural Resources and Tourism Minister Dr. Damas Ndumbaro said his ministry has been effectively using the expo to clear the propagated myths that those attractions are in neighbouring countries.

The government uses the event to educate visitors at the expo those tourist attractions exist in Tanzania not other countries as propagated by some scrupulous individuals.

“Exhibition has continued to put Tanzania on the global map since people from different nations get to know that Kilimanjaro Mountain, Serengeti National Park and Tanzanite minerals available in Tanzania not in neighbouring country,” Dr. Ndumbaro asserted yesterday at the expo.

He said the clarification comes following misleading information speculated by some neighbouring countries that those attractions are in their countries.

“Several people who visited Tanzania’s pavilion at the expo have been wondering after learning that those attractions are in Tanzania,” he stated.

He added: “I have been speaking with various visitors who visited Tanzania’s pavilion, and many of them have been surprised and admitted that initially, they knew that those attractions are in neighboring country.

He stressed that the expo has made Tanzania to be known that it is rich in tourist attractions in the world.

One of the means of educating and proving to the visitors that the attractions are located in Tanzania, Tanzania has deployed digital technology to make the Ngorongoro National Park stream live at the expo, something which has bore fruits.

“Here we have a live broadcast from Ngorongoro National Park, this has made Tanzania’s booth attracting thousands of people who come to see wonders available in Tanzania,” Dr. Ndumbaro explained.

He said what the government wants is to ensure that Tanzania participates in all big exhibitions while the main emphasis is to promote tourist attractions to clarify the misleading reports.

Dr Ndumbaro further appealed to all Tanzanians to market the country’s tourist attractions when traveling to other countries as a way of demonstrating patriotism for their country.

Some of the institutions under the ministry of natural resources and tourism, which participate in the expo, include Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA), Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA), Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA), Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) and Tanzania Forest Services Agency (TFS). The ongoing expo, which started in October last year, will conclude next March 3

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