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    Investment Procedures to Follow

    (i) The applicant must own a registered company (whether local or foreign) with office premises.
    (ii) The applicant must have developed Memorandum of Articles of Associations of the company with CVs of Directors/prominent leaders of the company.
    (iii) The applicant must have a Business Plan detailing previous or on-going company’s businesses implementation and plans.
    (iv) The applicant must have a proposal for conducting tourism activities in WMA·
    (v) The applicant is allowed to visit the WMA, see the specific site for investment and meet leaders of respective WMAs to express ones intention to invest.

    (vi) The applicant must apply for investment in the area by following laws and regulations of the United Republic of Tanzania: The applicant should also go through Wildlife Conservation Act, (2009), WMA Regulations of 2012, Non consumptive tourism Regulations of 2016 and Tourism Act of 2008 to get further le

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