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The Ipole WMA falls in Ugunda Game Controlled Area (GCA) in Ipole ward, Sikonge District, in Tabora Region. On the East Ipole WMA borders Ipembambazi Forest Reserve, to the South it is bordered by Inyonga East Game Controlled Area and Inyonga Forest Reserve respectively, while to the west the area is bordered by Ugalla Game Reserve and Walla Forest Reserve whereas to the North the area is bordered by Ipole, Msuva, Idekamiso and Utimule villages.


The area is accessible by road from Tabora Municipality via Sikonge Township to Ipole. It is about 87 km from Tabora to Sikonge District and 24 km from Sikonge to Ipole. Also by road from Mbeya via Kitunda ward to Ipole and from Sumbawanga through Mpanda District via Inyonga to Ipole. The area can as well be reached by air strip located within the Ugunda Game Reserve at Koga (35 km) and Kalulu airstrip (60km).


Just when you think you have seen it all, the wild honey deep land in Sikonge district, about 180 km from Tabora town will completely astonish your mind. A landscape of diverse open woodland and trees extending over short green vegetation makes Ipole WMA a perfect place for game life, bee keeping, and forestry experience.

Wild species commonly spotted in the WMA are kudu, warthogs, lions, giraffe, impala, elephants, leopards, and different species of monkeys, buffalo and different attractive land mammals such as porcupines.

Moving along the cotton soil roads in the woodland of Ipole your ears will catch a combined buzzing and humming sounds from the beehives hanging on tree branches and beautiful birds wandering around tree branches. Different species of beautiful birds within the WMA makes it one of the best bird watching landscapes. Variety of natural species of trees and vegetation in the WMA makes the landscape very potential for nature and academic researches.


  • Game viewing; either by guided walking or driving, the WMA provides a satisfactory game viewing environment with variety of animal species which will sooth the expectations of the visitors.
  • Game hunting; Ipole WMA maintains an active but controlled hunting block, for interested and experienced game hunters, truckers and travelers who would love to exploit the astonishing game hunting and trucking experience.
  • Participate in honey harvesting with local communities; one of the very famous activities at Ipole WMA is honey harvesting; tourists at an organized tour can experience local honey harvesting at Ipole. This breathtaking experience also allows tourists visiting Ipole taste freshly harvested honey which is indeed a life time experience of sweetness.

Investment Opportunities

The Ipole wildlife management area has identified the following investment opportunities:

Project No.1: Honey business – Collection, processing and exporting

Investment type Joint Venture
Type of investment required Honey business – Collection, processing and exporting.
Key characteristics of the area
  • Through the support of USAID – Cash for Work Project and the community self-efforts, honey collection center including all the necessary facilities for honey harvesting, collecting, storage and processing are already in place.
  • A strong existing association which manage the local honey collection.
  • Currently 12,000 liters being produced annually by the association.
  • The already existing beehive infrastructures.
  • Completely owned 100% by the WMA association and is ready for immediate investment.

Ipole WMA is currently looking for a potential investor to invest in the honey business and provide market for WMA.

Planned Start Date


Responsible Promoter(s)

Authorized Association Consortium (AAC),
P.O. Box 13685,
Mikoroshoni Street, Msasani, Dar es Salaam. Tanzania.
Tel: +255 22 2668615
Tel: +255 788 389 039
Fax: +255 22 2668609
Web: http://www.twma.co.tz

Investment Procedures to Follow

(i) The applicant must own a registered company (whether local or foreign) with office premises.
(ii) The applicant must have developed Memorandum of Articles of Associations of the company with CVs of Directors/prominent leaders of the company.
(iii) The applicant must have a Business Plan detailing previous or on-going company’s businesses implementation and plans.
(iv) The applicant must have a proposal for conducting tourism activities in WMA·
(v) The applicant is allowed to visit the WMA, see the specific site for investment and meet leaders of respective WMAs to express ones intention to invest.

(vi) The applicant must apply for investment in the area by following laws and regulations of the United Republic of Tanzania: The applicant should also go through Wildlife Conservation Act, (2009), WMA Regulations of 2012, Non consumptive tourism Regulations of 2016 and Tourism Act of 2008 to get further le

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