Bagamoyo is known for the desecration of the human race that occurred many years ago in this Swahili Coast town due to the heinous slave trade. In spite of this unpleasant history, today, Bagamoyo is one of the most wondrous tourist destinations for practically any person who wishes to spend a vacation or just to relax for the weekend or any particular day.

There are numerous beach resorts in various parts of the town, among which the Bagamoyo Millennium Sea Breeze Resort and the Bagamoyo Millennium Old Post Office Hotel (La Renaissance) have both earned a well-deserved name as they are the most suitable destinations for various memorable occasions, from honeymoons to weddings; from meetings to workshops; as well as weekend romantic getaways. While the Sea Breeze Resort is a traditional beach resort, La Renaissance is a more modern hotel, fashioned from the renovated post office building. The name Old Post Office literally refers to East Africa’s FIRST post office under German colonial rule (Deutsche Ost Afrika). It has been called “La Renaissance” to signify the “rebirth” of the old post office into a new luxurious hotel. The building was restored into one of the most beautiful hotels on the Bagamoyo coastline, while preserving much of the Old Post Office as possible. This is where modernity meets tradition; a unique setting that has welcomed many visitors to the Hotel, who leave Tanzania with unforgettable memories of their visit to Bagamoyo. La Renaissance lies a stone’s throw from the Bagamoyo Fish Market as well as the first customs office (Sea Port) in Bagamoyo, which, in one way or another, operates even to this day.

The two Resorts are also popular destinations with the public sector, which has repeatedly used their services for meetings, conferences and workshops, held on various occasions at the Resort.


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Travelers to Bagamoyo can select rooms of their choice upon arrival at the Sea Breeze Resort or La Renaissance. The rooms are crafted in a manner that creates a wonderful and warm setting for guests to soak themselves in the aura of Bagamoyo in the the most exclusive resorts along the Bagamoyo coastline. The Resorts are equipped with comfortable Standard and Deluxe rooms that are fully air-conditioned, while Executive Suites are also available. The architectural design of all the rooms is outstanding as each room has a balcony from where visitors can view the luscious gardens and beach scenes.

The sandy beaches of Bagamoyo are ideal for weekend getaways and secret hideouts. For honeymoon couples, this is the best romantic place possible. The Sea Breeze Resort lies next to the sandy beaches of Bagamoyo, which is rich with marine life and history. A visit to this particular destination is a must for everyone who wishes to experience the real pleasures of life. For adventures with the family, your safari will be arranged by the Resort to expose you to the actual wildlife of East Africa that is absolutely mesmerizing, which can only be found at the Saadani National Park, Tanzania’s wildlife park that is also on the beach.

The rooms of the Resorts render a unique feeling, for visitors to both the Sea Breeze Resort and La Renaissance. Visitors can also spend their time relaxing in the garden while feasting on mouth-watering snacks prepared by the talented chefs of the Resort, or relax on the beach or by the poolside, taking a dip in the warm waters of the well-kept pool, with frequent breaks to their cocktails in between swimming session. At the end of their visit, our guests are left with nothing but everlasting memories and mind blowing experiences.

The Sea Breeze Resort also has a playground for children, which is located just beside the swimming pools. This has increased the Resort’s popularity with many families in the City of Dar es Salaam, who choose to bring their children to the Resort for the weekends. While parents take time to relax in their hotel rooms, children have fun in the sun, playing games and swimming; at nighttime, parents take their turn clubbing at Club Lasona, which is a few minutes away, located at La Renaissance. Eventually, both parents and their children obtain their well-deserved weekend break, returning to the City on Sunday.

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